Together, We Can Build a Texas For All

Texas For All is the largest progressive coalition in Texas. We’re banding together across issues and organizations to fight for democracy, justice and equity for ALL Texans – no exceptions.

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At Texas for All, we believe that every Texan deserves the opportunity to live freely and with dignity.

Our coalition is dedicated to achieving a multi-racial democracy where all Texans have the freedom to reach their full potential. Our partners work on a range of issues – from protecting access to abortion and fighting for climate justice, to advancing civil rights and the freedom to vote. Texas For All is fighting to bring new voters into the electorate and build people power. We’re proud to come together and organize a powerful force for progressive change. We know that when we join together, we can elect new leaders who know our worth and are willing to prove it by passing legislation to better our lives.

We believe that Texas should be reflective of what the majority of Texans views as critical: defending democracy, protecting access to the ballot box, as well as accessible education, environmental justice, and healthcare for all

Texas For All knows our worth – and when we join together as voters, we can demand what our families need so that every Texan has the freedom to make a good living and pursue our dreams. Join the movement #TX4All.

Instead of focusing on the real issues facing Texas families, extremist lawmakers have:

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